At Cardiff Comic Con you will get the chance to pay for an autograph from any of our named guests. Due to the nature of the event, and to prevent over crowding around the signing areas, be aware that a queue management system will be in operation that is really easy to follow.

It is advisable to visit the autograph area of the show early to obtain your autograph queue ticket, this queue ticket will have a number on it, and you will notice there will be signs close to the signing areas of each guest that will be updated regulary with a number – when your ticket number falls under the displayed number, you will be able to start queuing for your autograph. Autographs can be paid for at a desk just before the signing table, photos to sign are included in the cost of the autograph unless you have your own item you want signed.

Please be aware that for some guests queues will be long, and your number might not be called until later in the day – Guests also need to leave the autograph area for breaks and for other show commitments such as photo sessions and talks. Only a realistic number of queue tickets are issued per guest, so get there early to avoid disappointment.

Guest information will be updated here as soon as the information becomes available.