Booking Enquiries: 01908 671138 (office hours only 9.30am – 5.00pm)


We now have a limited number of exhibitor spaces at Cardiff Comic Con.


Tables with walls: £155 each (6×2 foot tressle tables, with 8 foot grey hessian covered backing boards perfect for displays.)

Tables without walls: £115 each (No backing boards provided)

Backing Tables: £10 each (Same size as regular tables but MUST sit behind and not to the side of it. This effectively doubles your display depth)

Power: £94 This is one power outlet for a regular UK plug. (British 13A/230-240 V 50 Hz grounded and fused) Extension cables are not provided.

Prices are inclusive of the entire show and are not per day.

Chairs are provided but table cloths are not.


Please call 01908 671138 with your table specifications and payment details to hand.

We do not provide a floor plan but any location requests will be taken into account and we will try our best to accomodate them.

You will be sent an information pack via email in the week before the show. It will contain all the details you need to know that are not available until that time. (Please make sure you provide a valid email at the time of booking to ensure the details reach you correctly.)


We accept card payments over the phone at the time of booking, (Unfortunately we do not accept American Express) or you can send a cheque made payable to Showmasters Ltd, along with the booking form, to:

Showmasters Ltd
PO Box 5773
Milton Keynes
MK10 1AS

All tables must be paid for in advance of the show.

No booking is 100% confirmed until FULL payment has been made.

Set up: All set up can and must be done from 2pm on the Friday before the show.

Breakdown: This begins as soon as the show closes on the Sunday evening. Please be aware that there is only a limited time available for breakdown (exact times will be detailed in your information pack)