Photo Shoots

Get your picture taken with your favourite stars by a professional photographer at Cardiff Comic Con.

A real genuine keepsake to remind your of your day when you got to meet a favourite actor or actress. Simply have your photo taken and walk away from the studio with your instantly developed copy of your photo! No waiting until the end of the day for photos to come back from a lab!

Each guest taking part in photo ops will be assigned one session per day, or one session over the weekend depending on demand, you can check which days when you pre-book your photo tickets from our ONLINE SHOP HERE but photo shoot times will not be released until nearer the event.  Photo tickets can be brought on the day.


For the latest updated information on photoshoots please check out the forum HERE.

How the photo sessions works:

1) Your photo will be taken by a professional photographer.
2) The shot will be taken in front of a backdrop and with lighting to ensure the best possible image.
3) You will be standing beside the guest(s) and not leaning over a table.
4) Your picture will be a 6” by 9” colour photo (not an inkjet print) and will be ready for collection almost immediately. Dont forget to pick up your print before you leave the studio!
5) All of this combined should provide you with something unique and special.

Does this mean I can’t take a picture of the guest during the autograph session?

We will not add any extra restrictions on taking photos whilst queuing or at their autograph table simply due to the photo shoot. The photo shoot is purely an add extra for those that would like it. However, posed photos may need to be stopped due to the guest being busy as may normally happen.

What do I do if I want to go to two photoshoots happening at the same time?
If you talk to a member of crew in the photo area they will be able to advise you of the best way to do this.

What happens if it doesn’t come out for some other reason?
This is highly unlikely, however if problems should occur then there are many ways we can improve the image to remove imperfections and if you are still unhappy with the results then you will get a full refund.

How many tickets can I buy at once?
There is no limit on the number you can buy.

Can my friend and I both be in the same picture?
Yes, however it is still one ticket per person. You can have two people in the picture, but what you need to do is buy two tickets and you can then pose together in two photos, and only one copy of each will be developed. Note: No more than 2 people will be allowed in the shot.

What time will the prints be ready?
All our photos are sent styraight to our onsite printers and will be ready for collection before you even leave the photo studio!

How many tickets will be sold?
Tickets are limited to around 400.

What if my ticket doesn’t arrive?
Tickets are normally sent out a week before the event by registered post (i.e. you have to sign for them). So don’t panic 2-3 weeks out thinking you’ve been missed. If in the unlikely event you don’t get your tickets before you leave for the event please contact us and we will try to sort it out for you.

The Small Print:
Showmasters reserves the right to refuse anyone from taking part in the photo shoot; if payment has already been made then we will refund them. We also reserve the right to change the day and times of the photo shoot if it becomes neccessary, subject to guest appearence days. Guests are subject to work and other commitments, and have the right to cancel. If this occurs we will give you the option of changing your photo session or issue a refund. All photos should be printed and ready for collection as you leave the photo studio, dont forget to pick it up before you leave!

Title and ownership, and all rights now and in the future, of and for the photo shoot images remain exclusively with Showmasters Ltd. Photo shoot images will be available to download for personal, non commercial use after the event for a set fee.

Guests appear subject to work commitments. Charges will be made for autographs. Photographs of the guests will be available. Not all guests are appearing on all days.


Photos Sunday A Photos Sunday B
Dave Prowse 12.00pm 12.10pm Lance Henriksen 12.00pm 12.30pm
Jeremy Bulloch 12.15pm 12.25pm Alice Krige 12.35pm 12.45pm
Kenny Baker 12.30pm 12.40pm Sarah Douglas 12.50pm 1.00pm
Michael Carter 12.45pm 12.55pm Chris Barrie 1.10pm 1.25pm
Robert Englund 1.00pm 1.40pm Kai Owen 1.45pm 2.15pm
SABU 2.00pm 2.10pm Colin Baker 2.20pm 2.50pm
Adam Brown 2.15pm 2.25pm Virgina Hey 2.55pm 3.05pm
John Callen 2.30pm 2.45pm Rob Maschio 3.10pm 3.20pm
Mark Hadlow 2.50pm 3.05pm Miltos Yerolemou 3.25pm 3.40pm
Alexander Vlahos 3.10pm 4.00pm Paul Darrow 3.45pm 3.55pm
Anthony Head 4.05pm 4.55pm The Hoff 4.00pm 5.00pm