The word cosplay comes from mixing ‘costume’ and ‘play’. It basically means the hobby of making and wearing costumes of your favourite characters from films, anime, books or video games. Cosplay is all about bringing characters to life, so many cosplayers also try their best to look or act like the character.

Cosplay at Cardiff Film and Comic Con

(Note that the below information contains times referring to the previous event, these will updated when the Cosplay information is confirmed for this event)

Masquerade is taking place over the weekend on the main stage, this is the event where you can show off your costume to the public and compete to win some great prizes!

There is a limit of 40 places in the masquerade; Registration is taking place online HERE – until 3 days prior to the show and on the day at the event, between 10am and 2pm at the Cosplay Desk. Entries will NOT be accepted without reference picture (with the exception of Original creations). Places are limited and will be allocated on a first come first serve basis so please book or arrive early to avoid disappointment!.

All types of costume are welcome, including anime and manga, film and TV, video games, comic book characters, original costumes and others.

Facilities For Cosplayers

Full changing and cloakroom facilities will be available to all cosplayers attending Newcastle Film and Comic Con. Male and female changing rooms will be available, as well as a cloakroom where it will be possible to up to store two items per person free of charge, up to the size of small suitcase or weekend case.

Please note that these facilities are available only to cosplayers and that items stored in the cloakroom may be subject to a security check. It is not advised to leave valuables in the cloakroom or changing rooms as we cannot be held responsible for theft or damage. For non-cosplayers or those with excess luggage, extra cloakrooms will be available next to the entrance for a small additional charge.

Comic Zone

A place for all things comics! Meet the pros, collect rare issues and even take part in master classes. Everything for the comic fan can be found here!

There is a sixth dimension beyond that which is known to man. It is a dimension as vast as space and as timeless as infinity. It is the middle ground between light and shadow – between science and superstition; between the pit of man’s fears and the sunlight of his knowledge. It is the dimension of the imagination. It is an area that we – with apologies to Rod Serling – call the…

An event within an event, the Comic Zone is a vast wonderland where fans and newcomers can explore the myriad worlds of sequential art. From superheroes to the cutting edge via such licenced titles as Star WarsStar TrekBuffy the Vampire SlayerGame of Thrones and Transformers, all aspects of the art form can be found within.

Collect Comics

Whatever you’re into…sciencefiction … fantasy… horror… slice of life … humour … crime … war … Western … biography… historical … factual, romance or even superheroes… there is something here for everyone:

  • rare back issues
  • the latest releases
  • action figures
  • posters
  • statues
  • original art and much more.

Meet the Pros

It’s also a chance to meet top writers and artists from around the world, to hear them talk about their careers or just get a favourite comic signed or buy a print or bespoke sketch.

Portfolio Reviews

If you fancy a career as a comic book artist you can even get your portfolio critiqued by one of the top US or UK editors in attendance.

Master Classes

Learn from the masters. Throughout the weekend top name writers and artists will be offering courses on various aspects of comics creation. Among the topics being covered will be:

  • Anatomy
  • Page layout
  • Dynamic storytelling
  • Creating characters
  • Plotting
  • Characterisation
  • Dialogue
  • Colouring
  • Lettering

Pre-booking is required as spaces are limited. Check out the website for further details as to what’s on offer and when.

Sell your own comics

If you’re already producing your own comic, come along and sell it in the subsidised, dedicated area where other Rising Stars display their wares. For more information on exhibiting see our exhibitors page here


Grab your friends and come along to the Video Game Zone to challenge others across a variety of multi-player games!

The Video Game Zone shall be even bigger and better this year with even more screens and consoles than before. There will be many casual-play and full-scale tournaments throughout the day!

Even more of the latest games and contests shall be bought to you by the Animeleague Crew of

Grab your friends and come along to challenge others across a variety of multi-player games! There will also be a number of consoles for people to sit down and chill-out, as well as a DDR area with proper DDR cabinets.

  • Modern Gaming with the latest systems and games.
  • Retro Gaming with all your favorite consoles.
  • Handheld Corner – make sure to bring your DS!
  • DDR/Stepmania with your favorite tunes.

Tournaments will include Super Mario Smash Bros, DDR, Mario Kart, Super Street Fighter IV, Guitar Hero and more! Winning a tournament will get you a £10 cash-prize and cost nothing to enter!

The latest information regarding this section will be announced first on The Cardiff Film and Comic Con forums, so